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Designed by our hands for your home.

Custom Designed Leather Line

Our Bears, Ptown, and Cape Cod Fabrics! - By The Yard

Our high quality, unique fabrics are perfect for upholstery, bedding, and drapery!



From our hands to your home.

Designed by hand to bring joy to your home.

We are a small collection of artists and designers making a big impact.

  • The Little Things!

    We designed this small Do Not Disturb door hanger pillow for a B&B in Cape Cod, MA.

  • Have Dog Will Travel

    A custom pillow for a customer's boat!

  • Something Naughty, Something Nice

    We don't shy away from the sexier details in your home. And neither should you! We can illustrate anything you can imagine!

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  • Leather Wrapped Banquette

    Designed for the Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, MA.

  • As Seen On Netflix!

    Our Leather Harness Pillows were featured on Netflix's new show "How To Build A Sex Room"

  • Custom Logos

    Custom Logos designed for businesses, like Patio Bar 9 in Cape Cod!

  • A little tied up!

    Have a fetish you want to elevate and display? Contact us to collaborate on your idea!